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What personal data does Dua collect, and for what purpose?

To ensure we can assist you in building healthy and meaningful relationships, we need some information about you. That’s why we collect the following personal data when you use our services:

1. Identity and contact data (name, gender, e-mail address)

2. Usage and website interaction (Technical data)

3. Unique user ID-s (Location-based data and personal identifiers), including any sensitive personal data (religion, ethnicity, or origin)

4. Explicitly disclosed by you whilst using our services (includes communication data as well as information disclosed in your profile).

In addition, our app automatically collects certain types of personal data to ensure smooth and efficient system administration.

The data collected is also used for accurate statistical analysis, which enables us to gain valuable insights into how the app is being used and helps us improve its functionality. Additionally, we create reliable backups to safeguard your data against any unforeseen events that may cause data loss. These include:

1. Name of your Internet service provider

2. Your IP address

3. The date, time, website, or app from which you used our Services, and

4. Search terms you used to find our services.

Note: The Privacy Policy may be updated periodically. That's why we highly recommend reviewing it regularly to ensure you are up-to-date with any changes.

We use your personal data to improve our services and deliver relevant content, to administer, manage, and develop our business, and to prevent illegal and unauthorized activities.

Moreover, with your explicit consent, we will keep you updated with news, special offers, newsletters, and general information regarding our goods and services.

Click here to learn more about Dua-s Privacy Policy.

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