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Your payment method is not valid in this store? How to fix it? (iPhone)

If you are trying to subscribe to Premium and are displayed on your screen, "Your payment method is not valid in this store. Please add a new payment method.", we are here to help you. Let's embark on a quest to add a new payment method and unveil a world of convenience! 💸✨

  1. Go to your phone and open “Settings,”
  2. Tap on your Apple ID - usually it's your name,
  3. Click “Media & Purchases” and then choose "View account."
  4. Here, you will be required to type your Apple ID password or Face ID,
  5. If you typed your Apple ID password, click "Sign in."
  6. Go to "Country/Region."
  7. Click "Change Country or Region."
  8. Choose the country your Card is from,
  9. Click "Agree" at the top right corner,
  10. "Agree" again on Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions,
  11. At Payment Method, if you don't want to add a new payment method but continue with your actual one, click “None”, then fill out your billing address,
  12. Click "Next."
  13. Go back to the “Settings” again,
  14. Click on “Apple ID,”
  15. Go to Payment & Shipping,
  16. Add your bank details,
  17. Click “Done”.

Note: This needs to be done because the origin of the card you are trying to pay with and the country of your OS device need to be the same.

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