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How do I verify my profile on

Verifying your profile is quick and easy, giving you access to the originality symbol and boosting matchmaking opportunities.

Follow these simple steps to secure your coveted blue badge:

  • Open your profile on,
  • Go to "Settings."
  • Click on "Verify Your Profile."
  • Click on "Image Verification"
  • Click Continue,
  • Take a selfie and make the right gesture (OK, Gesture) depending on your gender.
  • Once you have submitted the photo, wait for our team to check it.

Or, you can click on the ☑️ sign close to your name and age and follow the same instructions mentioned above.

Upon proper execution of the gesture, clear imaging, and adherence to the required instructions, your profile will be approved and awarded the blue badge.

⚠️ Note that at, we guarantee complete privacy. We only use the photo you submit during profile verification. After the verification, we permanently delete your photo from our system, securing your trust and safety.

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