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Can I search for a specific person at

No, you can't. There are a few important reasons why doesn't have a search bar for users:

  1. Privacy and Security Concerns: A search feature might compromise user privacy and security. Allowing users to search for others could increase the risk of stalking or unwanted attention.

  2. Encouraging Discovery: promotes serendipitous connections and the element of discovery. Limiting direct searches encourages you to explore and interact with a broader range of profiles.

  3. Avoiding Harassment: Allowing users to search for specific individuals might increase the likelihood of harassment or unwanted messages. Some users might feel uncomfortable knowing that others can easily search for them.

  4. Protecting User Experience: The absence of a search feature can prevent users from making quick judgments based on specific criteria and encourages a more open-minded approach to potential matches.

  5. Reducing Shallow Interactions: A search feature could lead to more shallow interactions if users filter matches solely based on physical appearance or a few specific criteria. aims to promote more meaningful connections by limiting direct searches.
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