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Why did disable my account? is an app that adheres to a specific set of guidelines for creating profiles on its platform, ensuring high quality and consistency in the user experience.

Note: If you do not follow these instructions, your profile will be disabled or deleted from our database. Here are the guidelines to follow when registering at to avoid being disabled: Instructions:

  • Offensive language that may irritate, disturb, annoy, alarm, or disturb another person.
  • Pornographic images or other kinds of nude content that violate human dignity.
  • Material that promotes and encourages racism, sexism, defamatory, and abusive behaviour.
  • Photos or content that encourages illegal activity of any kind attributed to terrorism, racist incitement, or other qualities.
  • Reference on commercial activity (i.e. sales data, advertisements, contact details via email/phone).
  • Content created to damage or retrieve limited data for personal use, violating our terms and conditions, will be deleted.
  • Content and publications that infringe the rights of third parties (including, without limitation, intellectual and private rights). In itself, the publication of which violates the rights of third parties (including, without limitation, intellectual and personal rights), or the photos or content are attributed to another person without his or her consent, i.e., identity theft.

In general, use your judgment when deciding what to publish or post about your content through Dua AG, as you will be responsible for the contribution or content you make.

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