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What is the flight option, and how to use it? has one of the best features out there for finding the love of your life. Do you want to fly to Zuerich, Berlin, or New York to find your partner? You can do it with just a few steps at

This filter helps you travel your account from around the world to find like-minded people based on your preferences.

There are two ways you can do this.

From your profile:

  1. Open your account on,
  2. Below your name and age, you have your location. Click on it.
  3. Go to Location,
  4. Select one of the popular locations or click Fly to a new location,
  5. Search for any city,
  6. Click Fly,
  7. Click Confirm, and finally
  8. Click Continue.

Or, you can access this feature from your filters:

  1. Go to your profile,
  2. Click on the lined-heart-shaped icon,
  3. Click on filters - at the top right corner,
  4. Go to Location,
  5. Select one of the popular locations or click Fly to a new location,
  6. Search for any city,
  7. Click Fly,
  8. Click Confirm, and finally
  9. Click Continue.

All the users from that specific city will appear on your radar and swipe list.

Note: When you 'Fly' your account into a new location, your community won’t change. You will see only users that match your community, age filter, and other specifics.

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