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My phone number is already in use. How do I fix this?

There are four possible scenarios:

  1. Forgotten password.

In this case, to recover your profile, please log in with the phone number you were registered with and reset your password.

2. You have two accounts.

If you have two accounts registered in different ways (e.g. one using your email and the other using your phone number), and you want to verify your phone number on the other account (registered with email). Don't hesitate to contact us at, and one of our support team members will promptly resolve the issue.

  1. You deleted your account less than 30 days ago.

You have deleted the account you registered with your phone number, but it has yet to be 30 days for it to be completely deleted. Contact us at, and we will delete your deactivated account manually so you can create a new one.

  1. You forgot you created this account.

You registered on with your phone number a long time ago and forgot about it. We can easily help you access it or delete it. Contact us at so we can further guide you.

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